Welcome to Greenway Academy


Dear Parents\Carers,


This prospectus tells you about the life and work at Greenway Academy, a foundation, co-educational junior school.


We offer a caring, safe and loving environment for your children from the moment they arrive. We provide a wide range of balanced learning opportunities and experiences to help them grow into independent and responsible people.


We treat children as individuals. We acknowledge each child’s unique gifts and talents. We are committed to working positively to ensure they realise their true potential.


During the summer term of 2013 the school underwent an OFSTED Inspection. We were given three key areas to improve.  These issues are being addressed.  All at Greenway are committed to following the action plan we set and making the school even better year on year.


We know that we can only achieve the best for your children if there is close co-operation between home and school. Greenway invites you to share in your child’s education and my staff and I are always available to talk to you about any aspects of your child’s development.


We are concerned about all aspects of your child’s development and we hope that you will share with us in making this a happy and successful period in your child’s life.


Yours sincerely



SM Cannon BSc, PGCE.


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